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Avshi Herbal

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Avishi Herbal was started a couple of years ago by homebred entrepreneurs who after realizing the importance and vast knowledge of Ayurveda wanted to use it for the benefit of Indians who have long forgotten it. Hence started a journey of research on techniques used in Ayurved and by nani-dadi wherein everything was obtained from nature, where everything was pure. AVISHI HERBAL thus came into existence.

When we use the regular over- the- counter beauty products for our skin in the hope of becoming 'that girl' in the advertisement, we do a lot harm than good to ourselves. We, are a part of nature then why should our beauty products be full of chemicals?
We at AVISHI HERBALS unveil our choicest 100% organic and chemical free beauty products straight from the lap of nature. These products are made by techniques suggested in the ancient Ayurvedic texts.

We are proud that we have been able to gain the trust and there has been a manyfold increase in our clientele just because we deliver what we promise and that has made the difference.