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  • Garima Bhatt

The lockdown and the call given by our Prime Minister of "Atmanirbhar Bharat" made me test Avishi Herbal products since it is very much Indian and made naturally and I am glad I used the products because I can tell the difference in my skin and hair. I am glad I am paying for the product and not for the crores spent by multinationals on advertisements.

  • Ritu Joshi

I have used all the products one by one as my skin is sensitive to chemicals. Very soothing on the skin. I observed hair growth and luster too.

  • Nilakshi Gupta

My friend bought a bottle of oil from Avishi. I tried it and I want to try other products too.

  • Ranjana Kothari

A friend introduced me to Avishi Herbal products, I have never used anything else post that. Why spoil your skin with harmful chemicals?

  • Arti Paliwal

Over time, use of harsh soaps and gels had spoilt my skin. Regular use of Avishi Herbal products has made my skin younger and softer

  • Vijaylaxmi Rathore

My hair started to grey and become lifeless due to stress , dust and pollution. I started using Avishi Herbal Henna and it has worked wonders.